For more than 25 years Village Square has created these timeless treasures that play beautifully. Whether you are looking for a unique product for your organization or souvenirs to sell at cultural venues or festivals, you will surely find these mini harmonica necklaces and harmonicas are “in tune with you”

Mini Harmonica Necklaces



  • Handmade item, Made in the USA
  • Trademarked Design
  • Pendant width: 3/8 in; Pendant height: 1 in; Necklace length: 30 in
  • Materials: Brass, Stainless steel

  • This adorable necklace is assembled by hand and comes complete with a playable harmonica in the key of C. It has four holes on a stylish waxed cord about 30" Long with a beaded necklace attached to the harmonica. The harmonica is 1-3/8" in length. Comes with a song card on the back to learn how to play.

    Images shown are a few of the assorted colors you can expect to receive.


    How to Play Harmonica

    Learn how to play the harmonica with us!

    1. Find a song you'd like to learn
    2. Head to that song page
    3. Listen to the song and download the song card!

    Follow us on youtube for harmonica songs and adventures.




  • Harmonica length: 4 inches
  • 10 hole diatonic
  • Materials: Brass, Stainless steel

  • This harmonica comes complete with song cards to learn to play and a small carrying pouch for storage. Choose between song cards teaching songs of the sea, railroad songs, patriotic songs and mountain songs.

    Muslin Bag
    Harmonica Packaging

    Standard Packaging

    Each harmonica comes packaged in a small bag with a song card included.