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For more than 20 years, Village Square Brass has been creating timeless treasures in the USA. Whether you are looking for educational pieces for your organization or souvenirs to sell at your establishment, you will surely find interesting items in our collection.

One-of-a-Kind Products

Science on a String

We attached solid brass instruments to 30" cords to create handy collectibles that sell in museums, cultural attractions, military sites and stores, large and small. Assembled right here in the USA

Our products include the following...

Bosun’s Whistle   Magnifying Glass   Mini Compass
Pipe Whistle   Sand Timer   Spyglass   Mini Microscope 

Desktop Brass

Village Square Brass carries a variety of brass desktop items, such as telescopes, sextants, and chart readers.


We wholesale our strings at $4 each. If you buy 48 pieces of each item, you get a free name drop header with your order.

Who We Are

Village Square started as a small business 20 years ago selling quality miniature brass instruments on a waxed cotton cord necklace.
Over the years we've grown and continue to expand our line of brass mini that work. In recent years , we've added a line of fascinating
brass replicas of instruments from the past. We pride ourselves on making every item we sell fun, educational, attractive and at
an affordable price.

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Areas We Serve

Our products are available to customers throughout the United States of America, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Connect With Our Team

Please contact Pamela or Gary if you have any questions about the products we offer.

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